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Our production processes are controlled by two physical and chemical laboratories. In order to maximize the quality of our yarns, we have implemented control procedures at all stages of the product creation and finishing:

• From the setting of optimal technological parameters machines

• To systematic lab analyses of production

The hygienic qualities of our yarns are also controlled by our laboratories, and our customers can rest assured that all yarns produced and imported by Legs meet the highest human ecological standards. Our yarns can be safely used in children's and infants' products. This has been confirmed by the European certificate "confidence in textiles".

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a globally unified system of research and certification designed for yarn raw material and textile products in all stages of processing. The aim of the system is to assure our customers that our products are free from harmful and forbidden substances in concentrations dangerous to people (pesticides, chlorophenol, formaldehyde, allergic dyestuffs, forbidden nitrogen dyestuffs and extractable heavy metals). The tests are conducted exclusively by authorized and independent textile research institutes. In this way our customers are guaranteed that our production is performed in a responsible and safe manner.